Friday, June 14, 2013

The Dark Side of Sod...8

Father's Day 

The meaning of Father’s Day affects everyone differently. Your relationship (good or bad) with your Father aka “Dad” (but not the same thing) is your own…right?! Yours is not like anyone else. Your dad could be your everything…your whole world, and you couldn’t imagine life without him. You have had a wonderful relationship that has been filled with great memories. Thinking about your Father/Dad brings feelings of love, warmth, thoughts of many great times together and a lot of laughs. On the other hand...maybe you think that your dad doesn’t know anything and who cares what he thinks anyway. You may not know who your dad is. Your dad could have died or will die soon. Your dad could be abusive or hateful.  Maybe you don't need a holiday to think about or celebrate your dad, you do it every day...

There are so many different contexts for the terms Father or Dad. Although they are referred to in the same way, some will say they are totally different in meaning. Things are said like, “You can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” Your grandfather could have the role as Father/Dad, or an uncle perhaps. Either way, when life ends, holidays like Father’s Day for many can be difficult instead of wonderful.

Whatever Father’s Day means to you, it’s important for you to know and realize that life IS precious. That the time you spend with family and friends IS important. The “Dad” to you may not be a biological parent, but the relationship you have with them is the same…who cares, it doesn’t matter. Special is special, no matter what. What matters is that you do not have regrets in your life, when life ends.

Remember walks or the activities you do with family on Father’s Day. Make the most of those moments so that later there will be something to talk about. If you talk to someone who is having a tough time with Father’s Day, be supportive and let them talk about their Father/Dad if they wish. If you have lost your Dad, celebrate his memory. Some people do activities that their Dad enjoyed like... fishing or attending sporting events and family gatherings. They can write poems or letters to their dad, light a candle, tell their children stories about something their dad did. Some people will cry their eyes out all day.  This is life…these are real experiences. Understand and embrace whatever the experiences you have are, and live your life fully.

If you are a Father/Dad…and you fit the bill to be called either, then have a wonderfully Happy Father’s Day! This holiday is to celebrate your love and the sacrifices you have made for your family. Some day you will be remembered that way. If you are "technically" a Father/Dad…and you don’t act like one, and will never act like one…then understand your legacy will be dishonorable.  People will talk about you...just because your dead doesn't necessarily mean everyone's sad about it.

When it’s over…it’s not necessarily over…

Take a moment to appreciate the TIME before you. Celebrate the TIME ~

Be well always.  :)